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The school prepares the students for the SLC Examination conducted by the SLC Board of Nepal. Additionally, the school focuses on other programs, which will help the students to grow in different areas; physical, intellectual, spiritual and psychological. Thus, games are compulsory at SXG, and other extracurricular activities are highly emphasized. Even though both English and Nepali are taught here and emphasized, the language of the school is ENGLISH. The school rule for students is to speak good/correct English at all times inside the school compound, in the bus and at school bus stops. During class time, answers and comments made by students should be given in complete, correctly phrased English sentences. Value education for the non-Christians and catechism for the Christians is compulsory in the school.

The years the students spend in the school should enable them to acquire sound principles of conduct and action as well as lay a solid foundation of true and purposeful living when they attain adulthood. Principles of honesty, trust, cooperation, self-reliance, and hard work are inculcated through various activities. In these activities students learn to think for themselves under the steady supervision of moderators. With activities, students are given the opportunity to see practical applications of abstract ideas like “give and take” that they learn in the classroom.

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