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From the Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents/Guardians/Students/Staff

April 22, 2020, is the International Earth Day. The world today is in the shadow of death, as I am writing this the number of infected individuals are 2,572,809 and 178,551 have already been dead because of novel corona virus (COVID-19). The virus is threatening to restrict every individual into a small area, however we are much more aware of the world today. By the grace of Almighty God Nepal is still able to keep the virus at large, we have not seen any death due to the virus. Though we are afraid of the pandemic we also find people who are working tirelessly to overcome this problem, because of their sacrifices we have 701,557 people who have already recovered and went back to their families. We still do not know how long we have to be restricted to a small area, but let us hope this nightmare gets over soon.

Our mother earth had been asking us, through various climate activists, natural calamities or pandemics, to slow down our pace of concretization and destruction of the natural resources—we call development. This few months of lockdown has brought about a tremendous change in the earth’s environment. We are breathing cleaner air, our rivers are cleaner, we are eating healthy food, we are learning to keep ourselves hygienic, we could see clear blue sky and beautiful mountains with majestic views, and the Earth seems to be healing itself in the absence of human development activities. Over and above this we also have seen concerns for our well-being as a global human community. And we all live have one world, only one world and it is common home to all of us together with other plants and animals.

This pandemic has spread a sense of fear in every heart, however this is also an opportune time for a conscious reflection on our thoughts and actions. COVID-19 has shattered our age-old socio-cultural and economic ideas. It showed us that we all are but one human race, one giant human family and there are no differences when it comes to the basic characters as humans. Rich or poor, old or young, black, white, brown or yellow, men or women, everyone is under the shadow of COVID-19. We must use this experience to stand united as one human family, we must reject all forms of discriminations—gender, caste, race, economic status, culture, ethnicity, etc—and must share what we have with one another and grow as a loving human family. Variety in the human race is the beauty of God’s creation, let us make it more beautiful with our care. Together we can.

Keeping in mind the Universal Apostolic Preference (UAP) of the Society of Jesus we, St. Xavier’s School, Godavari, have decided “Conscious Effort in Caring for Our Common Home” as the theme of the year 2020-21 (2077BS). On the “International Earth Day 2020”, I would like to declare the Theme of the Year 2020-21 (2077 BS).

I would also like to request all of you, dear parents, guardians, students and staff to deliberately take steps for caring for the Earth. Our life today should not be a curse to our future generation. Therefore, try to live according to the law of nature, eat healthy, keep clean, plant more trees, avoid using plastics as much as possible, be conscious and make people aware of life close to nature, take time to enjoy the nature and to be grateful to God, help your children to appreciate the beauty of nature more than the video games or social media, give quality time to your family and friends, live a joyful life. These are few things you could start with, I am sure you will do your best to care for the Earth, our common home.

With best wishes

Fr. Samuel Simick SJ


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