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Class 12 NEB Exam Routine

Published on 20 November, 2020

Class 12 NEB Exam Routine
Dear Parents of outgoing students of class 12,

As per the decision of the NEB we are going to conduct the board exam from Mangsir 9, 2077 B.S. You have already got safety measure protocol and routine in your app. It is not safe to travel using the public transport so, we suggest that students must be dropped and picked up by the parents. To the students who’s parents cannot drop and pickup we may provide bus service, please confirm with the school office.

Thank you

Mandatory Safety Protocols for Class Class 11(Regular) Board Exam

• All the parents please take all the precautions to send your child to school for the exam. Everyone must wear mask, face shield and carry hand sanitizer.
• All the students/parents please note that if any student is covid-19 positive, please submit the PCR test-report and their test will be taken latter by NEB.

Dress Code and Hair Style(for those who need only):
• All must be in the complete school uniform with proper hair style.

School Bus (for those who need only):
• Bus staff will check the students whether they are with face shield and mask and keep less students.

School Gate:
• Students’ temperature will be checked one by one with physical distance. If there is any student with abnormal temperature parents will be called.

• Before going to class for the exam all must wash their hands.
• After using washrooms and before going to back to exam hall must wash hands.

Exam Hall:
• 2 m physical distance will be maintained in the exam hall.
• Students cannot borrow things from each-others so every students must bring things required for the exam.
• During the exam if any student fall sick then need to go to health desk and have basic treatment.

Post Exam:
• Exam hall, corridors, toilets will be disinfected after every exam

Other Things must be done by students/teachers:
1. Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing.
2. Avoid touching your face.
3. Don’t handshake, greet friends and do Namaste to teachers.
4. Avoid all types of physical contact as much as possible.
5. Do not gather in groups.
6. Apply sanitizer if you don’t have access to soap and water for hand-wash.
7. Do not handle things touched by others as far as possible.
8. Maintain physical distance of 2 meters always when meeting with others.
9. Do not share things as much as possible.
10. Leave all the doors, windows open till the end of the exam.
11. Take lunch break in small groups with physical distance and eat alone.


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