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  1. Bills are ordinarily prepared for every two English months. Fees can be deposited to the following bank accounts. Fees can also be paid at the school office during the office hours and a receipt will be issued. Parents are required to make the payment before the specified deadline on the bill. Bank deposits are encouraged. A copy of the bank receipt should be submitted to fees office.

    Bank details for fee deposit:
    Sunrise Bank:

    A/C Name: St. Xavier’s School,Godavari

    A/C No: 03610137216012

    Himalayan Bank:

    A/C Name: St. Xavier’s School, Godavari

    A/C No: 03604087580017

  2. Payment of fees should be done in full amount both in the bank and school office.
  3. Students whose fees are not paid may not be allowed to appear for the term exam.
  4. The Guarantee Deposit is refundable only when the students leave school after all their dues are paid. In order to receive the Guarantee Deposit, the students must produce their I.D. Card.
  5. No reduction of fee is made for absence of any kind.
  6. Bus fee is charged for 11 months. A month’s notice is required prior to the withdrawal from the bus.
  7. Repeated failures to pay fees will result in a written warning and the child’s name may be struck out from the school register.

Fee Structure Class 1-10

Fee Structure Class 1-10 St. Xavier School, Godavari

Fee Structure Class 11 and 12

Fee Structure Class 11 and 12 St. Xavier School, Godavari

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