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Godavari, Lalitpur, Nepal

Future Plans

Future Plans

  1. Build a standard-sized swimming pool
  2. Involve students in community services
  3. Start a personality development programme for students
  4. Introduce Human Rights Education in the existing curriculum
  5. Begin Media classes and develop our audio-visual facilities
  6. Give periodic spiritual formation to the students and the staff
  7. Periodic meetings with the parents
  8. Continue to give preference to the local poor children
  9. Ask the parents’ help in public relations
  10. Set up a progamme for the formation of parents
  11. Organize periodic programmes, both personal and professional, for the staff
  12. Prepare lesson plans based on I.P.P. (educational method)
  13. Encourage Jesuit scholastics to stay with us during vacation
  14. Periodically invite government officials and local leaders
  15. Promote inter institutional co-operation
  16. Insist on individual care and concern for each person
  17. Insist that students show openness, sincerity and honesty
  18. Bring up social and human rights issues in assemblies and parents days
  19. Keep close contact with the Higher Secondary Board
  20. Better relationships and interaction with the local community
  21. Computer education for the villagers for better job opportunities
  22. Continue tuition for the weaker student
  23. Ask more religious Sisters to work in the school with the help of Region Superior.
  24. Visit the homes of the students as far as possible
  25. At the end of the academic year review the plans as a community.
  26. Build up good library facility.
  27. Provide better space for games and other sports activities.
  28. Build quarters for teachers.
  29. Build infrastructure for +2.

Immediate Needs:

  1. Set up a library with new books
  2. Maintain the games field such as basketball, football, tennis, badminton and so on.
  3. Put a fence around the school property
  4. Build teacher’s quarters
  5. Build infrastructure for +2 (Higher Secondary Education)
  6. To repair the roads inside the school compound; black top all existing road.
  7. Make shed for the students to have their lunch.

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