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From the Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents/Guardians/Staff/Students and Well-wishers of SXG


The theme of this year is Respect to be Respected (सम्मान गरौं, सम्मानित बनौं). The theme suggests that we be respectful to others if we want others to respect us. The golden rule in the Holy Bible has it Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You (Holy Bible, Luke 6:31). Normally we think that if we had more things we would be happy. We think if we had land, good house, nice car, loving family, peaceful neighbor and supportive people our life would be better and we would be happy. To the contrary, we are never happy with material possessions, we are never happy even if we had so much wealth but no respectful relationships. Therefore, we tend to collect more things and become more unhappy in the process.

Living beings naturally find authentic happiness in sharing what they possess. It is simply the rule of the nature that what we give we will receive accordingly. We cannot demand from others unless we ourselves have given to them first. The theme of the year is not jargon alone but it demands that we start respecting not only those who love us or those who support us but also those who are not so close to us, who are in fact not in our circle of friends. It is not only respecting people but also respecting all that is around uspeople, animals, plants, flowers, grass, land, water, air, the sun and the moon, the stars, the beliefs and ideas of people, the rituals and customs, and so on. The theme of the year seems simple but it is hard to practice because it calls for humility. Humility calls for a change of heart, it calls for sacrificing oneself and it calls for accepting others.

Let us all unitedly work towards a respectful society.

May God Bless You!

Fr. Samuel Simick SJ


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