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From the Principal’s Desk


Welcome to St. Xavier’s School, Godavari.

St. Ignatius of Loyola said, "Pray as though everything depended on God; act as though everything depended on you". The senior Xavierians would remember the quote "AGE QUOD AGIS" a call for focusing all our heart, mind, body and soul in what we are doing.  

Education is not about how much we know but how much we could motivate, inspire and in the process excel in what we are capable of. We are conscious of multiple talents a person could have. The work of education is to find and bring those talents out so that we could rejoice in each other as a complementing human community.

Paradoxically the formal education today demands that we achieve excellence in every field we study—academics and extra curriculum—but we know that it is impossible to be the best in all subject matter, except few superhuman individuals. We are not homogeneous either, as we usually think we are. Every single person is unique. This uniqueness, however, seems to be overshadowed by the systematic acquisition of Information, we call formal schooling. It is true that we need formal schooling in order to develop human minds in a particular manner but that does not mean every single person could fit into this system. If you look into the history there are large number of individuals who could never fit into the formal schooling system, nonetheless, they have made unimaginable differences in the society.

Therefore, education today must motivate individuals to gain more wisdom and understanding and not collect information alone, it must inspire individuals to work tirelessly for the improvement of oneself and the world. Only then we could excel as individuals and as a family, living in the common home we call Earth.

Jesuit Education focuses in Human Excellence. The aim of our education is to create individuals for and with others. We aim to develop consistently conscience, competent, committed and companionate individuals, who could be the agents of social changes.

This academic year we shall focus our activities to motivate oneself and others; inspire others and be inspired and together we shall try to excel in whatever good we are doing.

May God Bless You!

Fr. Samuel Simick SJ


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